8-Pack of Premium Copper Mugs - 100% Pure Solid Copper Cups - BONUS Copper Straws

  • ★ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied with your Moscow Mule Mugs, simply return them for a no questions asked refund!
  • ★ CLASSIC, HANDCRAFTED STYLE ★ Our Authentic Moscow Mule Mugs are handcrafted - none are identical. Each barrel-style mug feels like it is made to be in your hand ☺
  • ★ BUILT TO LAST ★ The handles are riveted to the body of our Classic Barrel Style Copper Mugs. Welds do not last. The copper we make them from is 100% pure, safe and even coated with a food-safe lacquer on the exterior!
  • ★ COPPER INNER LINING ★ This allows the proper reaction of lime/fruit juices and copper which creates the Mule’s signature taste. Linings with stainless steel, tin, nickel etc prevent this reaction and also don’t allow your mug to feel as ice cold!
  • ★ WHAT'S BETTER THAN COLD? COLDER! ★ Whether our copper mugs are holding Moscow Mules, rum and coke, juices or any other type of drink they feel colder. How so you ask? Because of copper's high thermal conductivity allows you to feel closer to the chill ☺