We handcraft 100% pure copper mugs, pitchers and water bottles. There is no inner lining (like nickel or steel), and each one is built to last with its premium style.


Copper Moscow Mule Mug


Sure, the copper mug is trendy for drinks like the Moscow Mule, but did you know:

  • Copper actually gives your drink increased flavors with the copper/liquid reaction?
  • Copper gives your drink an extra chill feel with its conductivity abilities?
  • Drinking from copper can reduce inflammation, bolster brain functioning, aid in weight loss, slows aging, fight cancer, and act like an anti-microbial...this is called "Ayurveda Health". 

So this is something believed to be good for your health, makes your drinks taste better, and you're cooler.



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“These are great, look good and well made. The company seems really proud of their product and I would recommend these highly.”


“I am quite impressed with this set, they are really nice and sturdy. It is by far one of the best mugs I have ever used. It is perfect to show off when I have friends over or just to enjoy when having a cool drink myself.”

Letty C.

“Awesome product! Awesome customer service. We received a separate email with care instructions. We have bought 4 more after trying the two so everyone can have one!!!”


We just received these and they are perfect. They are exactly what you see and we couldn't be happier with them. We will definitely purchase from Classic Mules in the future.”


“Just as advertised, every drink seems better from the copper mule. Perfect size….”

David C. Brown

“Already had a couple of copper mugs with steel interior but wanted ones with copper interior. We think there really is a chemical reaction with the copper and the alcohol or the ginger beer - whatever- that makes the drinks taste better. We love the fact that the copper gets icy cold and stays that way for a long time. The handles are cute and more comfortable than others.”

Wendy K Blight