About us

What’s Up with Copper??

It’s the world’s oldest known metal and represented eternal life to Egyptians over 10,000 years ago. But really, why should you care about copper’s facts? You just want to drink out of a copper mug right!? Fair enough, but check this out: When water (which some of your drink is made of) is placed into a copper vessel, it takes on copper’s positive properties. Among these are: anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties. Also if in contact with copper long enough, the drink can greatly improve and heal parts of your digestive system.

Who Are We?

Classic Mules is a company that cares about moments in life. And these moments are so much better when surrounded by quality. With this in mind we have been making our handmade copper mugs since 1941. And we have learned that nothing replaces our 100% pure and unlined copper mugs to ensure the chill factor and health benefits you can get.

Moscow Mule History

There was once a man name Vladimir who walked his mule in the city of Mosc - sorry we will stop now. This drink wasn’t created even close to Moscow. It was a combination of bar owners in New York and Los Angeles in the early 1940’s desperately stumbling upon this concoction of Vodka and Ginger Beer. Why? Because no one was drinking Vodka or Ginger Beer at the time and they needed to get rid of it basically. Add the copper mug to the mix and BOOM – the Moscow Mule was alive. It's alive! Alive!! [with crazy inventor laughing]